Welcome to CUNY Campus Wire. This initiative by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is designed to help you streamline operations, educate your staff, introduce you to the latest technology, and connect you with other CUNY campus papers in order to share knowledge, resources and content.

What We Offer

  1. Managed WordPress hosting – We can oversee your transition to WordPress and provide your staff with basic WordPress training.

  2. Technical Support – We’ll help you troubleshoot any technical issues you encounter while your site is hosted in our server. We’ll also handle updates to WordPress software, themes and plugins, as needed.

  3. Staff training – We’ll get you and your staff up to speed with new technology.  Our pilot project at Lehman College, for example, involved two workshops in the Meridian office: one, a weekly four-hour staff tutorial on shooting and uploading  video and slideshows, the other, a half day of consulting on shifting to WordPress.  You can see the Meridian’s new website here. One on one training is led by Sophia Tewa, multimedia trainer.

  4. Access to over 300 premium WordPress themes – We have an extensive, and growing, directory of WordPress themes (e.g.: WooThemes, Graph Paper Press & The Theme Foundry) to help you choose the right look and features for your site.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to make the move, please fill out this form to help us come up with a personalized migration plan for your website.

Not sure yet? The web team at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is here to answer any questions you may have about switching to WordPress and hosting your site with us. Please contact us at webmaster[at]journalism.cuny.edu.

Why WordPress

  • Open source – Free software gives you the freedom to use the software as you’d like. You can modify the software as you’d like, and distribute those improvements to others. This has really significant practical applications.

  • User friendly – WordPress is incredibly easy to use. There’s extensive documentation on how to get started (books even), and your entire staff can have accounts for posting to the web.

  • Strong community – Did you know WordPress powers over 10% of all websites? Millions of online publishers use WordPress which means lots of documentation,video examples and constant, new functionality in the form of plugins. WordPress is used by some of the most respected publishers out there, including: The New York Times, the BBC, The Wall Street Journal and Wired, as well as corporations like Sony, Ebay, Yahoo and even Ben and Jerry’s.

  • Personalization with themes – Themes are how the design of your website is controlled. There are hundreds of free themes in the WordPress.org directory, and there are also premium theme providers like Pagelines, Gabfire and WooThemes who offer support in addition to a good-looking theme.

  • Full control over advertising – An advantage to hosting your own content management system is that you have complete control over the advertising run on your website. Don’t want any advertising? Don’t install advertising software. Want to target the communication department’s alumni campaign to a specific state? Use Google Ad Manager for free and pick the state.

  • Regularly updated with new features – WordPress 3.8, released on December, 13, includes contributions from more than 180 developers and adds features like a new modern and responsive design and a new magazine theme.

  • Extend functionality with plugins – This means you can extend the standard functionality and add features like Twitter widgets, permissions management, Google Analytics integration, and guest content contribution.

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